The Brand

Creatives at heart. It’s amazing how much two people can do. We believe the future is bright and colorful. This is and has been the very foundation of OrgoneVibes since 2012.

The Masterminds

We are always listening to our hearts and following them. We are Paula & Michael. We are the duo behind the OrgoneVibes. It’s amazing how much two people can do. We are the product designers, photographers, web designers, copywriters, strategists, marketing folks, product packers and shippers, and so on… We are always on the lookout for the new and unique.

Humble Beginnings

It all started in 2012 with a first pendant designed, handmade and published online. Since that day we have been growing our brand organically, travelling the Europe, and bringing our goods to the people. Our philosophy is about having something designed for a purpose. Our mission is to bring you functional top-quality energy products, and not just a regular bling-bling.

The Craft

We are mixing the good old-fashioned handcraftsmanship with new ideas. We have a real soft spot for colours. We admit—we are obsessed. For nearly a decade now our lives have evolved around the colours, different forms, different styles. Never getting tired of it. Every time trying to achieve that perfect balance of colour and form.

The Believe

We believe that the healthy flow of positive energy enables us to reach our highest potential. That’s why our products are designed to cleanse and purify the ambient negative energy, and to help to infuse the mind, body, and soul with positive and life-beneficial orgone. This is why our creations fuse-in the powers of natural healing gemstones and the universal life energy.

The Promise

We were, we are, and we will be always proud to offer you handmade energy goods. They might come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Yet, they all can serve you as tools of positive energy, to help you energize your body, mind, and spirit with positive orgone vibes.

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