Orgonite – The Ultimate Guide (2021 version)

This is the most comprehensive orgonite guide on the planet. We’ll show you history, benefits, applications, and DIY techniques. And we’ll answer popular orgonite questions.

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a blend of resin, metal, and quartz crystal. This simple mixture generates positive bio-energy. And balances and harmonises negative energies. Many people use orgonite tools for protection, wellbeing, and healing.

What is Orgonite
Orgonite Invention History - Who contributed to the Invention

The Orgonite Invention

The amazing story of orgonite starts with Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He discovered how to collect etheric energy. And he called it the Orgone energy. Then Karl Welz based on dr Reich’s findings created the first orgone generator prototype. He built it with resin, powdered metal, and powdered quartz. Karl learned that this mixture would generate positive bio-energy! He called his invention the Orgonite. Later Don Croft would modify the orgonite composition. He would use metal shavings instead of powdered metal. He also added a whole quartz crystal into the mix. Croft popularized orgonite and introduced it globally.

How Orgonite works?

Orgonite balances and harmonizes energy. It absorbs negative energies and radiates out positive energies. How does it work? The resin attracts and absorbs the energy. The metals reflect and accelerate the energy charge inside. And the quartz crystal purifies the energy. Once the energy is transformed it is radiated out. Orgone devices work continuously and without charging.

How orgonite works - The organic and inorganic layers
Piezoelectric effect - How Orgonite Transforms the Energy

The piezoelectric effect

So how is the energy transformed? The magic happens within orgonite’s internal matrix. When the resin hardens it slightly shrinks. And then it applies a constant pressure on the quartz crystal. This pressure creates a well-known piezoelectric effect inside the quartz. Meaning that its endpoints become polarized electrically. Thanks to this phenomena the orgonite transmutes the negative energy. And generates the positive orgone.

What is Orgone Energy?

The Orgone energy is just another name for the Universal Life Force energy. The mystical and omnipresent force that governs life. Ancient Greeks called it the ‘Ether’. And they defined it as a “hypothetical medium, supposed to fill space, by means of vibrations in which light and other forms of radiation are transmitted”. In China, people call it Chi, in Japan Ki, and in India Prana. The scientists call it Quantum Sea of Energy, Zero Point Energy, or Scalar Wave Fields. In the 1950s Wilhelm Reich discovered how to collect and measure this unseen force. He later called it the orgone energy.

What is the Orgone Energy
What are the Life-Force Orgone energy qualities

Orgone Energy Properties

  • It is mass free.
  • Interconnects and penetrates the entire physical universe.
  • Radiates from all living and non-living things.
  • It flows through all and everything.
  • All materials and things influence this energy.
  • It’s mostly attracted to all living organisms, water, and to itself.
  • Other known energies like light, microwaves, or radio waves can act as a carrier for the orgone energy.

Positive Energy vs. Negative Energy

Orgone energy can be positive/balanced or negative/unbalanced. Wilhelm Reich labelled these: Positive Orgone Radiation (POR); and Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR). Our bodies resonate with a broad spectrum of etheric frequencies. These energies directly impact our etheric bodies. Harmonious energies enable us to stay healthy. Likewise, the disharmonious frequencies, disrupt our health.

Positive Orgone vs Negative Orgone - What are the differences

The Most Popular Benefits & Applications

Orgonite has a wide spectrum of uses and positive benefits. It shows positive effects on plants, animals, humans and the environment.

Mitigates Effects of the Electro-Smog

All man-made electronics radiate negative etheric energies. Smartphones, cell towers, WIFI, smart meters, etc. They all create chaotic etheric frequencies. Orgonite changes the underlying negatively charged energy into balanced and healthy frequencies. So this way the orgonite mitigates the bad effects of the electro-smog.

Orgonite EMF protection - How orgonite protects against electro-smog
How orgonite promotes healing - The benefits

Promotes Wellbeing

Yoga, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese medicine say that energies govern the human body. They influence the body, mind, and spirit. Positive energy brings peace, joy, vitality, and good health. And negative cause our emotions to become agitated, distressed, and cause illnesses. Orgonite generates balanced, vibrant, and high energies. They stabilize our bio-energy field (aura) and promote wellness. Orgone tools aid meditation and energy healing arts. Many people say that orgonite improves the quality of their sleep. Others say that being around orgonite gives them that good feel.

Rebalances Energies of Food and Water

Orgonite rebalances the energies of foods and drinks. You can simply put them on an orgonite coaster or a charging plate. And after some period of time the “charged-up” food will taste better. It will also keep its freshness for longer. Try it yourself!

Orgonite benefits on foods and drinks
Orgonite and farming - How orgonite benefits farming

Improves Farming

Orgonite significantly improves the plants’ growth and yield. Vegetation, just like all living organisms, thrives on positive energy. Your fuit and vegs will grow bigger. They will also look much healthier and vibrant. And they will taste much better!

Rebalances Weather

Orgonite balances and normalizes the weather patterns. It helps to bring more rain and reduce extreme weather phenomena like light storms, heavy rains and hails. Many report clear blue skies and beautiful healthy puffy clouds. It will help you heal your immediate environment.

Orgonite and weather - How orgonite influences weather

Where to put your Orgonite?

Where to put Orgonite in home

So where to put your orgonites? The answer to this question is simple. Everywhere! In 2021, we bathe in the everpresent electro-smog more than ever before. Also the pandemic contributes to widely spread negative vibes. So it’s a good idea to have orgonite with you all the time. And stuck up your living space with orgonite.

  • The electronics: near your TV, computer, WiFi router, smart meter, and on your smartphone.
  • In the fridge and cupboards where you keep your food.
  • Near the main inlets of water, gas, and electricity. Orgonite will help to restructure their energies.
  • In the bedroom. Keep it near your bed for sounder sleeps and more vivid dreams.
  • In the bathroom. Charge up your water before taking a bath.
  • In the garden. Your veggies and fruits will be healthier, taste better, and grow bigger.
  • In the car. Place one orgonite in the cabin. And the other in the trunk close to the petrol tank.
  • Around your neighbourhood – distribute orgonite in your local area. You’ll see birds, bees and other wildlife to return.

Orgonite Ingredients

Orgonite DIY - making instructions

What is orgonite made of? The orgonite material is made of resin, metal particles, and quartz crystal. These ingredients are easily available to buy. Genuine orgonite is made of equal parts of resin and metals. And an addition of quartz crystal. If you wish you can add other crystals and coils.


Resin is the orgonite base. You can use epoxy or polyester resin. You can also use wax or other organic resins like dammar or shellac. Orgonite made of natural resin is very delicate. The heat and moisture can ruin it easily. So it’s best to go for epoxy or polyester.

Resin in orgonite making - What resin to use in orgonite
Metals for Orgonite - Which metals to use in Orgonite


You can use a variety of metals. Various metals will give your orgonite different orgone vibes. Go for: steel, brass, bronze, copper, alpaca, silver, gold, or even platinum and palladium. The metals can come in small, medium, and large metal turnings. And in granulate, powder, or leaf.

Quartz crystal

The heart of the orgonite is the quartz crystal. Highly regarded as a healing stone. Quartz crystals have an incredibly long history of use in all sorts of fields.  And they are often called the master crystals. For your orgonite go for double or single-terminated crystals.

The Quartz Crystal - The Main Ingredient of the Orgonite
Additional healing crystals in orgonite - Which crystals to use

Additional gemstones

You can add other stones to your orgonite. They will infuse your orgonite with their healing frequencies. Also, orgonite will amplify their metaphysical properties.


Use readily available moulds like the cookies and muffin trays. If you’re after orgonite jewellery or artistic orgonite, create your own moulds from silicone. You can buy moulds on the internet.

Orgonite moulds - What moulds to use for making orgonite

Orgonite DIY Instructions:

Orgonite making instructions - DYI Step-by-Step

Let’s go and make some orgonite!

  1. Place metal shavings into the mould.
  2. Add the quartz crystal (centrally if possible) and additional healing gemstones.
  3. Pour resin into measuring jug. Add the correct amount of catalyst/hardener (see your products specifications).
  4. Mix resin and hardener for a minute or two. Don’t do it too vigorously. You don’t want to create air bubbles.
  5. Pour resin mixture into the moulds.
  6. Allow the resin to permeate into the metal mix. Top up as necessary. Aim to achieve a smooth surface of resin on top.
  7. Leave your creations alone allowing the resin set and harden. Sunlight and high temperature can speed up the process.
  8. Take the orgonite out of the mould.

You just made your first Orgonite! Congratulations!

Orgonite DIY - Safety

Safety Precautions:

  • Always read the manufacturers instructions.
  • Get some safety gear. Latex gloves and a face mask.
  • Keep your temporary orgonite studio well ventilated.
  • Don’t lean over the curing resin and don’t inhale. These fumes are toxic!
  • Check the label on the resin. Note the maximum thickness; the manufacturer hardening time; resin to hardener ratio. Remember these are chemicals. They should be handled with extra causion. Always work with resin according to the manufacturer instructions.
  • Remember that most resins will heat up as they harden. Some will shrink more and others less.

Orgonite Gifting

Orgonite Gifting - Who started orgonite gifting movement

Don and Carol Croft popularized the orgonite gifting. It’s distributing orgonite to heal the environment. The Crofts shared their many orgonite gifting stories. And they’ve started the Orgonite Gifting Movement. This movement is largely unorganized with thousands of members worldwide.

The gifters gift orgonites on the regular basis. Large scale orgonite gifting harmonizes the energies of the gifted places. So orgonites are usually gifted in places saturated with negative energies. Like the surroundings of mobile towers, TV, and radio towers. But also weather radars, high-voltage lines, nuclear sites, factories, war sites, etc.

Orgonite devices

Orgonites come in different forms and shapes. From jewellery, accessories, to decorations. Also, there are experimental devices. And even environmental healing orgonites. And these are called field/tactical orgonites. Below you’ll find the most popular orgonite that will help you energize your neighborhood.

Orgonite Tower Buster (TB)

Oh yes, the good old mighty tower buster! Named after busting the negative energies of the cellular towers. Tower busters are made cheap aluminum, quartz crystal chips, and polyester resin. The original tower buster was made in a muffin tray.

What is an Orgonite Tower Buster
What is an Orgonite Holy Hand Grenade - The HHG

Orgonite Holy Hand Granade (HHG)

These are much stronger than tower busters. They have 5 quartz crystals inside. The Holy Hand Grenade was named after the Monty Python series. Don Croft originally made them in cone-shaped forms.

Orgonite Earth Pipe

These are copper pipes filled with orgonite material. Think of them as acupuncture needles. With the difference that they energise the Earth. They shoot the energy deep into the ground.

What is an Orgonite Earth Pipe

The Orgonite Cloudbuster (Chembuster)

Yet another Don Croft’s invention was the Orgonite Cloudbuster—the popular Chembuster. This device is built of 6 copper pipes six feet (2meters) high. The pipes protrude from the orgonite base. There is a double-terminated quartz crystal inside each tube. The orgonite base generates the positive orgone and the pipes shoot it high up. The Orgonite Cloudbuster helps to balance and harmonize the local weather and the environment.

What is an Orgonite Chembuster

Orgonite Buying Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions before Buying Orgonite

Would you like to buy orgonite? Got questions? Check the frequently asked questions.

What’s the difference between orgone generator and orgonite?

Technically speaking they are the same. Orgonite is an orgone energy generator.

Is orgonite and orgone the same?

No. Orgone is energy. And orgonite generates orgone energy.

How to spot a fake orgonite?

Fake orgonite will have very little or no metal at all. There’s lots of fake orgonite from India on the market. These are made of mostly crystals and resin. And they may look nice but generate no orgone at all.

Orgonite without metals?

A genuine orgonite is made of equal parts of metals and resin. So products made only of resin are not orgonite. More metals—greater density—more layers—more orgone power!

What about orgonite with other crystals?

Additional gemstones add certain healing qualities to the orgonite.

Is bigger better?

It depends. Larger orgonites produce more energy. But the quality is also important. The finer crystals and metals resonate higher energies.

Does the shape influence the energy?

Yes, the shape influences the energies of orgonite. Different shapes produce different energy fields.

Coils and spirals inside orgonite?

Yes! They direct the energy flow. The most famous is the SBB coil. It’s similar to a Tesla’s double spiral coil.

Where buy orgonite?

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