The Production

We make our good with our hands, our heads and our hearts. And even today, when we pour the resin into moulds, we still feel the excitement as if it were our first time.

The Preparation

At this stage we get all the materials ready. We carefully cut the metal leaf using a special double-bladed knife called a “carretto” and, with the help of wooden pliers, we insert the cut metal into the recycled paper containers. All of the tools that are used during this stage, including the cutting cushion, are hand crafted and faithful to the oldest gold gliders traditions. Now we mix the resin with the selected colouring and the metals to create a uniform cococksion.

The Pouring

Once we’ve combined all the materials we pour the resin into the moulds. This is a very precise and time consuming process. Then we place is moulds in the vaccum chambers and remove all the tiny air bubbles. And we leave the moulds in a special curing chamber to control the temperature and moisture. One layer usually takes around 48 hours to create. Often our products consists of multiple layers and it can take days to create them.

The Final Touches

Once the resin hardens we can finally remove the products from the moulds! Now comes a lenghtly process of hand sanding and polishing. If we’re happy with the finished products we place them in store for Your and our appreciation.

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