Checkered Pink Orgone EMF Protection Shield

This is a pink checkered orgone protection shield. Simply stick it to your iPhone, smartphone, or tablet! The shield is designed to be lightweight and handmade of 23karat gold, pure silver, and one Herkimer Diamond quartz crystal. The shield will adorn your phone whilst keeping you protected from the EMFs. It comes with double-sided sticky tape.

Size (width x height): 0.78 × 0.19 inches (2 × 0.5 cm)

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Good to Know

This is an orgone EMF protection shield. It fuses in the powers of the life-force orgone energy with the healing properties of Herkimer Diamond, gold, and silver. It’s been designed and handmade to infuse the body, mind, and spirit with positive and vibrant healing energies. And to protect against the ambient negative psychic energies and effects of the electromagnetic radiation (EMFs, RFs, 5G).

What’s Inside Counts

We made this orgone shield with our hands, our heads, and our hearts. So to do it justice, we used the finest ingredients we could lay our hands-on. And these are… The magnificent Herkimer Diamond quartz crystal! We source these little beauties directly from the manufacturers in Herkimer County, New York, USA. The Herkimers are quite rare and are thought to be the most powerful of all quartz crystals. The precious metals come directly from Giusto Manetti Battiloro in Florence, Italy. A family-run business and the oldest manufacturer of gold leaf in the world with 15 generations of history. And lastly, the ultra-clear and high-gloss epoxy resin that brings our artwork to life. This resin gives our jewelry that gorgeous shiny look and solid feel.

Behind the Looks

This orgone shield is made of the orgonite material. A concoction of metals, resin, and quartz crystal. Orgonite substance is based on the discoveries of dr. Wilhelm Reich, who in the early 1930s, proved that the mystical Universal Life Energy does exist. He called it the orgone energy. And it’s just another name for Prana, Chi, Mana, and Ether. The shield absorbs the unbalanced energies, transmutes them within its internal crystalline matrix, and radiates out the balanced and high-vibrational bio-energies. In essence, this accessory is a small orgone energy generator.

Protection Against Negative Energies and EMFs (5G)

The shield safeguards against the ambient electromagnetic radiation produced by smartphones, WiFi, cell towers, etc. Its protection functionality is ingenious as it works on the fundamental energy level. So how does it work? In essence, the orgone energy is a carrier field for all electromagnetic radiation. And man-made technologies disrupt the orgone field making it chaotic and unhealthy. So the shield simply transforms the underlying unbalanced and harmful orgone back into its balanced and healthy state. It does this continuously, very efficiently, and with ease.

Metaphysical Properties of Crystals & Metals

We’ve used some of the very best ingredients to bring this shield to life. Our signature blend of materials combines the healing and protection qualities of the Herkimer Diamond, silver, and gold.

Herkimer diamonds are beautiful double-terminated quartz crystals known for sparkling clarity and magnificent geometrical shape. These high-frequency crystals are perfect conduits and remarkable amplifiers of spiritual energies. Herkimers are widely used for healing, meditation, clearing, and protecting against electromagnetic radiation. They carry the energies of harmony, understanding, and are particularly helpful in activating the crown and third eye chakras.

Gold carries the energies of the Sun. It promotes vitality and helps attract honors, recognition, wealth, and happiness. It symbolizes spiritual purity and the development of total understanding. Gold activates the third eye and crown chakras and it is reputed to deliver heightened awareness. It helps to cleanse the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies.

Silver is known to carry the energies of the Moon. It is typically seen as representative of truth, trust, and balance. Silver can reflect negativity which makes it a metal of protection and security. It will help you to increase the good and positive while also removing whatever is causing you harm. Silver will help you to awaken and enhance your intuitive and psychic capabilities.