Orgone Pyramid

Here they are — super premium orgone pyramids! Handmade of pure silver, 23 karat Florin gold, and Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals. The tip is translucent, and the rest of the pyramid is black. These pyramids are very lightweight thanks to the use of precious metal leaf. Our pyramids are crafted according to the Golden Ratio proportions, the same as used by the Egyptians to create their glorious Cheops pyramids in Giza.

Our orgonite pyramids come in different sizes, but the ingredients remain the same—our signature blend of precious metals and powerful Herkimer Diamonds.

Available sizes*:
40mm base / 25.45mm height • 1.57 inch base / 1 inch height
50mm base / 31.82mm height • 1.96 inch base / 1.25 inch height
60mm base / 38.18mm height • 2.36 inches base / 1.5 inch height
70mm base / 44.55mm height • 2.75 inches base / 1.75 height
80mm base / 50.91mm height • 3.14 inches base / 2 inches height
90mm base / 57.27mm height • 3.54 inches base / 2.25 inches height
100mm base / 63.63mm height • 3.93 inches base / 2.5 inches height

*The sizes are approximate and the actual pyramids may be 1-2mm (1/16 inch) off, but they still retain the Golden Mean proportions.

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2 reviews for Orgone Pyramid

  1. Joanna Skolimovsky

    I bought the large pyramid. It looks great on my desk. 5stars.

  2. Melinda

    We’ve purchased two of these pyramids. One for the bedroom and the other for the living room. They look nice and give very pleasant energies.

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